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The Relation between Smoking and Back Pain

According to research studies, smokers have a higher risk for developing back pain compared to those who do not smoke. Back pain in smokers also tends to be more severe and radiate to the extremities. 

How Smoking Affects Your Spine Health

When you smoke, toxic chemicals are released into your body. These chemicals enter your blood and will make the blood thicker and increase the chances of blood clotting. They also damage cells that line the arteries and other blood vessels causing them to narrow, reducing the amount of blood to various parts of the body including the bone. Improper nutrition to the bones can make them brittle increasing risk for osteoporosis and degenerative spine disease. Smoking also affects the body’s ability to heal quickly after injury and can lead to chronic back pain.

Smoking Cessation Methods

Smoking cessation methods your doctor may recommend include: 

Smoking cessation may involve a solo method or a combo treatment. No matter which method you choose, the key to successful cessation is spotting the triggers that make you crave smoking and trying to avoid them. 

Believe in yourself and speak to your doctor who will help you choose the best method that works for you that you can stick with. 

Benefits of Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation helps your entire body as it ensures: