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Selective Spinal Interventions

Spinal interventions are non-surgical procedures which are employed to relieve or find the cause responsible for low back or neck pain. It also helps in determining the specific location in the spine from which the pain originates.

Most spinal interventions are injections having a mixture of anesthetic agents and corticosteroids or other medications which are injected into the spine or near the source of pain. Fluoroscopy, a type of x-ray is employed to ensure the proper position of the needle which is confirmed by injecting a contrast dye. Patient is then monitored for up to 30 minutes. For the safety of the patient, it is better if someone drives the patient home from the hospital and rest for at least 24 hours is recommended after the procedure.

To obtain the best results with spinal interventions, physical therapy or a home exercise program are recommended to strengthen the back or neck muscles before injection. While performing spinal interventions patients are kept awake or are given a mild sedative to relax the patient

The selection of injection technique depends upon the location of the pain and structures involved such as nerve roots, joints, muscles, or a combination of these.

The most common spinal interventions are as follows: