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Ashish G. Shanbhag, M.D.

SpineHealer | PainTerminator

Ashish G.Shanbhag,M.D.
Ashish G. Shanbhag, M.D.

Ashish G. Shanbhag, M.D. received his medical degree from the Medical University of South Carolina and attended Wofford College for his undergraduate studies. He went on to complete a residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at the University of Minnesota. He subsequently completed advanced fellowship training; initially Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, Interventional Spine, & Pain Management at the University of Minnesota, followed by Electrodiagnostic Medicine (EMG/NCS) at the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Shanbhag then went on to complete clinical postgraduate training in Endoscopic & Percutaneous Spine Surgery at Synergy Spine Center. He is one of the few physiatrists both nationally and internationally to have completed advanced training in minimally invasive spine surgery.

Dr. Shanbhag treats the spectrum of spine pain, such as disc disorders (herniated/bulging/degenerated discs), sciatica/radiculopathy, spinal stenosis, spinal arthritis, facet disease, muscle related dysfunction (e.g. psoas spasm), post-laminectomy/failed back surgery syndrome, whiplash, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, with an emphasis and focus on the therapeutic treatment of spinal disease. He advocates using the least invasive approach after maximizing non-operative comprehensive conservative care. He has a particular interest and is skilled in the endoscopic transforaminal (“keyhole”) treatment of spinal stenosis and herniated discs, as well as percutaneous discectomy. His expertise goes on to include image guided procedures inclusive of epidural injections, facet blocks, radiofrequency neuroablation, provocation discography, and spinal cord stimulators. A niche area of interest is in the MedicoLegal arena for patient healthcare related matters including IME’s, Second Opinions, Worker’s Comp, and Personal Injury.

The decision to pursue medicine came early in life for Dr. Shanbhag, being the son of two physicians. His interest in the neuromusculoskeletal area of medicine was spurred by his own athletic pursuits, having played tennis for his high school and college, as well as having played football on one of the state championship teams for the legendary and National High School Coach of the Year – Willie Varner.

Dr. Shanbhag's primary objective as a physician for each patient is to identify, locate, and reduce their individual and unique source of spine pain. He approaches every patient with an open and interested mind set, and with a tenacious resolution to achieve that goal. His philosophy to that extent is to provide care and treatment for each patient as he would his own family member.

Board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, including the subspecialty of Pain Medicine, Dr. Shanbhag maintains active memberships in numerous spine & pain organizations.


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    Ashish G. Shanbhag,.M.D.

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