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Dr. Shanbhag, along with his highly trained, seasoned, and experienced staff, work together to provide an efficient, team approach to patient care. Patients and their families/support mechanisms are given the personalized attention and the time needed to have all their questions answered to calm any apprehensions they may have. Dr. Shanbhag and his team have a strong belief in the educational process that helps to provide the patient with an understanding of their condition, and treatments they are facing.

Dr. Shanbhag and his team are committed to providing leading edge and evidence based medical care/ treatments to help treat acute and chronic spine pain. We partner with our patients to enable an integrative and symbiotic relationship between the physician and patient focused on both improving & optimizing function, quality of life, and independence. Please schedule your office consultation or email us for more information on how we can help you feel better, stronger, & faster!

Why Choose Us?

Our Board Certified and multi-fellowship trained physician has years of clinical experience and success in treating spinal pain with the least invasive approach. Dr. Shanbhag is board certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, with a subspecialty certification in Pain Medicine, which is a leading medical specialty that deals with minimally invasive spine treatments under image guidance (Ultrasound & X-ray). These minimally invasive spine techniques/approaches are often a better and superior alternative to more complex and open spine surgical procedures; all while being performed in a safe and convenient outpatient setting. Our center strives to give as much importance to your comfort as we do to your treatment, so we offer an environment with pleasing amenities.

The Advantages: